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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Mike Garcia for 25th Congressional District: 

I like Mike Garcia, and I think you will, too. I first met Mike when we sat next to each other in a meeting designated to support U.S. service veterans and their families. As a veteran, Mike made thoughtful suggestions to the veterans service organization that were valued and incorporated into the actions. 

His guidance was meaningful, because it came from a source of personal experience, which is the best advice one can give. Example: Immediately after the Saugus High School shooting, Mike rallied with several Santa Clarita churches to give his support and listen to the testimonies of the victims. His personal experience drew him into action to support his community. He knew and alerted the administrators and families that the likelihood of the victim getting post-traumatic stress disorder several weeks after the incident was possible. It was a valuable contribution and it provided awareness that this condition did not only affect service veterans returning from war. It was a very real phenomenon that affects all who experience trauma in any form. He also stressed that the victims’ families are to be observed for signs of PTSD. 

There is a lot written about Mike and his success as a real estate investor, and defense corporation executive, as if his is not a genuine American success story. I believe it is. He is a first-generation American who has fulfilled his duties to his country with honor and courage. Like those who went before him, he’s now chosen to serve and provide for his family. For most of us, we would set back and say to ourselves, “enough.” Enough is not enough for Mike, because his dedication toward service stirs within him. 

“Why couldn’t others have and enjoy the promise of the American Dream as I have?” he muses. After contemplation of the challenge that lies in front of him, and weighing the urging of his mentors who preceded him, he’s climbing back into the “cockpit,” and declared his intention to be the representative of the 25th District.

As a candidate, I think Mike is doing a yeoman’s job that will carry forward to his service as congressman. The 25th District spans Simi Valley, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley and Antelope Valley. Mike has put more than 40,000 miles on his automobile since deciding to be our representative. There is a virtual “melting pot” of voters residing within the boundaries of the 25th District, with a population exceeding 720,000 residents. Mike has outreached and visited many of them. In his effort, Mike is putting together a train with many cars that will couple together the greater interest of his would-be constituents for as far and wide as his district stretches. Metaphorically speaking, in one car is economic development and free enterprise, another car contains local sovereignty as guaranteed in the Constitution, the next car provides for personal and moral accountability, which provides for safety and security of our community, and the right to life. Not one car is more important than the other. Missing any cars in the train will result in an imbalance to the community.

Being a resident of the 25th District and raising my family in it, there have been many occasions and events that have pitted us against each other. Whether those were club youth and high school football, baseball, or soccer events, regardless of the outcomes the victor has always been the 25th District. Regardless of what separates us individually, our collective well-being needs to be the centerpiece of our representative’s agenda. We have always been in this together. 

Mike Garcia has the right stuff to stand up and speak his mind in support of the best interests of the 25th District. Soon we will make our choices for the best candidate to lead and represent us in Washington. For me and my household, we will choose Mike.

Dan Moran


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