Gil Mertz | Three Things We Can’t Ask Joe Biden

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

For those who may have forgotten, lifelong politician Joe Biden appears to be the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party to run against President Donald Trump this year. Only compared to far-left socialist Bernie Sanders does Biden look like a moderate. Inexplicably, Biden leads Trump in every poll, but I predict the media will show him leading every day until the election.

Hapless Joe is fighting for relevancy during the COVID-19 outbreak. When President Trump banned travel with China in January, Biden said, “This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering to lead the way instead of science,” only to now fully support Trump’s China travel ban. Poor Joe.

As subservient Democrats, the media is trying to prop up Biden with interviews and late-night shows, but they mainly see him as a useful idiot to attack Trump’s every move. They also know he is comedy gold because even Biden doesn’t know what he’s going to say next. But what I find truly disturbing are the questions we cannot ask Joe Biden, the man who would be president.

First, no one can ask Biden about anything related to his dealings in Ukraine and how his political influence was exploited by his family for financial gain. Trump was questioned relentlessly and even impeached over a single telephone call with Ukraine. But we can’t ask Biden about the video evidence of his billion-dollar quid pro quo or how his son got paid millions.

In fact, the Democratic National Committee warned that any presidential candidate who asked Biden about Ukraine during the debates was “not a good Democrat.” Apparently, the moderators got the same memo because none of them dared ask Biden about his role with Ukraine. 

And while the media daily promoted the lie about Russian collusion with Trump that even special counsel Robert Mueller couldn’t prove, they prefaced every story about Biden and Ukraine as “a conspiracy theory without a shred of evidence.” 

They’re not even curious.

Second, no one can ask Biden about the sexual assault accusation made by Alexandra Tara Reade. The Democrats’ mantra that every woman should be believed apparently doesn’t apply to Ms. Reade. When Christine Blasey Ford made her accusation against Brett Kavanaugh, it was 36 years old, she couldn’t remember key details, and her witnesses contradicted her story. And yet without a single word from the defense or cross-examination, Democrat “law makers” concluded Kavanaugh was guilty.

Where are these Democrat lawmakers for Ms. Reade? Where are the MeToo advocates? For Ms. Ford, Hawaiian Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono shouted, “Men need to shut up and step up to do the right thing!” She also scolded us that “ALL women need to be believed!” 

But as Biden yuks it up in media interviews and late-night shows, no Democrat believes Ms. Reade, and Biden is never asked about it.

The third question we cannot ask regarding Biden is about his mental fitness to be president. Trump’s mental fitness has been questioned thousands of times by his political opponents, but these same people refuse to entertain any questions about Biden. If elected, the man will be pushing 80 and already struggles with each passing day to be coherent, but we cannot question this out loud.

Biden apologists say he’s always said stupid things as though this should make us feel better. But lately it’s beyond Biden’s goofiness and made-up stories. It’s serious lapses such as forgetting how many grandchildren he has, that he was once the vice president, and that “thing” he forgot known as the Declaration of Independence. 

There are many more irrational comments Biden has made, and he gives us fresh ones almost daily. The same media that crucifies Trump for this, eagerly dismisses this as only part of Biden’s charm, or that he has a speech impediment. But watch old videos of Biden compared to today. He’s never stuttered. He’s clearly losing it, which is sad to watch. 

My issue for now isn’t if Biden is guilty with Ukraine, sexual assault, or losing his mind, but that we cannot, must not, DARE NOT ask Joe Biden anything about these serious issues. Has the psychotic hatred for Trump reached such a point that people are willing to ignore Biden’s mounting problems and hope November gets here before he fully implodes?

This is the point in the column where Democrat loyalists dismiss the disturbing facts about their candidate and default to their useless “What about Trump?” defense, while attacking his supporters for ignoring Trump’s flaws. 

Don’t look now, Biden fans, but you’re doing the exact same thing, making you guilty of that which you condemn in others. For that, there is no question.

Gil Mertz is a Thousand Oaks resident.

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