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SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

Our way of life is in peril. To the erosion of our values, China has introduced a virus to complicate our day-to-day. Because it is an unseen killer, a large part of our population is beset with unreasonable fear. We must daily evaluate our choices and determine what is safe and what is not. Our very lives depend on our individual choices.

There is another minus to our way of life. 

Starting back in the 1960s, small groups of people decided there were basic things wrong with this country and they began to form groups that attacked our way of life. These movements were diametrically opposed to what the majority of people believed. The fact that few people agreed with them only added to their zeal and they became angrier and more determined to change this country into their own image.

These groups included (and still do) pro-abortion activists, the political correctness zealots, those who wanted to compensate financially and ease perceived guilt regarding earlier slavery; thus those who wanted to correct every perceived wrong, real or imagined.

Currently, the evolution of these movements is in the form of a progressive party that says “Democrat” but in no way resembles the Democrats from our past. I, like a lot of people, grew up in a Democrat household believing that the party stood for the working man.

At this time in our history, we see the Democrats have turned into the progressives and have abandoned all pretense of standing for the downtrodden; today’s progressives worship power and money. Our news outlets have turned into propaganda-spewing organs of this new progressive movement. No longer can we look to the opposition as having any loyalty to our country. They are now consumed with the pursuit of power and they will allow nothing to stand in their way. 

For example, there is one active group proudly calling itself “By Any Means Possible.”

Nancy Pelosi has become the face of this menace along with her four supplicants. There is no longer any subtlety to what they do. If we don’t like it then that’s our problem. They will go ahead with whatever they think is needed regardless of any opposition, then call us stupid for not agreeing with them.

There’s been an unholy joining of the (labor) unions and the progressives. The unions, through their greed, have coalesced into a powerful political arm of this unholy trinity. The union’s motto now has become, “We have ours. It’s too bad about the rest of you.” 

Greed in any form is repugnant and should be condemned by everyone.

We have seen the decline of our schools in California primarily because of ruinous unions. They care not for the education of our school children but are only interested in feathering their own nest. Their constant opposition to charter schools is significant in that anyone who has looked at the problem will quickly realize that something has to be done and that charters should be a part of the answers. The self-interest of the unions to the detriment of our school children has got to be stopped. Union greed cannot continue to be allowed to impact our entire educational system.

Current United Teachers Los Angeles leader, Alex Caputo-Pearl, is attacking charter schools because he believes charter schools rob the regular schools of needed finances. The Los Angeles Unified School District is currently meeting the average school funding along with the rest of the nation. 

One of the ways we can frustrate the progressive is the elect prudent people to public office. We have an election coming up on May 12 to decide who will serve the balance of disgraced Katie Hill’s term in the House of Representatives. Without the support of willing progressives, Nancy Pelosi would be impotent to carry out her chicanery on the rest of us.

Mike Garcia is running for that seat and is by far the best qualified to serve the balance of the term and to be elected to serve the next full term. Garcia’s credentials have been spoken of by many of his supporters but they must be emphasized again. Some people don’t pay attention to vital things in life, like the preservation of our great country. 

When people commit “folly,” defined as doing something against your own self-interest, they in effect poke the dragon. Too many pokes at this angry beast and he will consume us. 

The Mike Garcias of the world stand apart and selflessly volunteer to step into the breach on our behalf and do what needs to be done to right the ship of state. We can do no less than to honor his request to do this for us.

Jim Horton is a Santa Clarita resident. “Right Here, Right Now” appears Saturdays and rotates among several local Republicans.

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