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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

As the sun sets, the rats come out! The other day my son said, “Dad, this is crazy.”  He was talking about trying to buy essential everyday items. 

I told him, “No, this is stupidity, plain and simple.” You have narrow-minded people who are bringing other narrow-minded people into their selfish panic with little thought and concern for their fellow man. People walking out of stores like Costco, hoarding bottled water, toilet paper, etc. I was talking to someone the other day who told me he has a neighbor who kept going back to Costco to the point that he now has cases of bottled water and toilet paper stacked floor to ceiling in his garage.

I blame stores for allowing this stupidity and not creating a logical system of restrictions. I talked to a store manager who told me they do have limits to one each of toilet paper and bottled water. My comment was, what about the people who go back every day to buy “this limit?” This manager said, “Oh yeah, we didn’t think about that!” Perhaps they need to think about this limit per card customer and not per day.

Add to this these exploiting scammers who are always looking for new targets, one epidemic after another. The current coronavirus just happens to be the “flavor of the month.” Also add to this the televangelist Jim Baker, who after spending almost five years in jail in the 1990s is back again selling phony garbage called “Silver Solution” and telling desperate, gullible people that it eliminates the coronavirus within 12 hours. Baker is facing legal action from state and federal agencies. But what about all the other scam artists?

I ask myself over and over, what the hell is wrong with people who continue to allow themselves to be suckered in by these rampaging rats? Hopefully, life will soon come back to reality as we knew it. But there will always be the rats!

Ken Dean

Canyon Country

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