Mike Garcia | Time to Protect Small Businesses

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

Congress needs to stop the games and help American small business now. 

Our small businesses and their employees are in desperate need of money and certainty. 

What they don’t need is political posturing for a far-left liberal agenda, but that is what we continue seeing from Nancy Pelosi in Washington as businesses and their employees practically beg for help during this difficult time. 

It’s clear there is a demand for more assistance.

After passage of the CARES Act, the Paycheck Protection Program saw a massive request from local companies for aid – 400,000 small business loans were approved in the past week, with many more to come. 

We are talking about local businesses of all stripes. You likely know someone who either owns a small business or someone who works at one or both — guaranteed you patronize one or many that are fighting for survival. 

Due to the overwhelming requests, an extension of funding is needed very soon in order to keep those businesses alive.

A clean extension does not mean a change in policy regarding the CARES Act. It means simply extending the amount of money available to small businesses so they can live to fight another day. 

Unfortunately, Nancy Pelosi is once again holding up these necessary funds for pet projects.

This is not the first time she’s stopped funding for Americans during the coronavirus for issues that have absolutely nothing to do with fighting COVID-19.

As a former Navy fighter pilot, I fully understand there’s a time to fight and there’s a time to work together to get things done. Certainly, in Washington’s divided government, compromise is essential. 

Which brings us to what seems like Groundhog Day – a request for help from American small businesses and Speaker Pelosi holding it up for a personal agenda. 

What makes this blockade even more troubling is this round of funding goes to a program already agreed to and approved by the speaker herself.

The bottom line is small business is the backbone of our American economy. They need help, they need certainty and they need it yesterday.

Californians are already struggling under the pressure of high taxes. COVID-19 is winding up for the knockout punch if we don’t get folks the help they need. 

It’s time to set aside partisanship and pet projects and pass funding for the Paycheck Protection Program. 

Mike Garcia is a Republican candidate for the 25th Congressional District.

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