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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Calling all golfers! You must be tired of doing the things you wouldn’t normally be doing. Have you straightened your closet? I have, and I can now hang up all of my shirts. I’ve cleaned up my outdoor shed and discovered I have six different bottles and boxes of rose food plus an array of other plant foods and soil additives. 

I put in a new drip system and moved six of my roses to a sunnier location. (I don’t even like gardening.) I discovered there were 10 years’ worth of dried leaves hiding behind the shed. What fun it was to sweep them up.

Oh yeah, of course there is television, but I’ve had way too much and certainly the news is too repetitive. I even read a book.

In the morning I’ll tackle my wife’s storage area, the garage. From the day we moved into our lovely home, there was never a thought of rolling a car into the garage. No sir. It is a place for worn-out vacuums, old photo albums, old record players and records, things we might be able to fix someday, paintings that don’t go with our wall colors, lamp shades, and on and on. The good news — it will keep me occupied. 

But, I’m tired of all this. I want to play golf and if you’re a golfer I’d like your help. 

I’ve come up with the following ideas that could open our golf courses. After you read them, if you have suggestions let them be known so we can soon begin playing again. Of course foursomes can maintain social distancing, so what we need to solve are the problems facing golf course operation. Here are some ideas:

Problem No. 1, Reservations: Solution — only by phone or on line.

Problem No. 2, Payment: Non-refundable credit card by phone or online.

Problem No. 3, Golf cart use: Sanitized for one golfer. No. 3a: No carts. Walking only.

Problem No. 4, Tee time management: Players will have a 10-minute window. If the course is for walkers only, late players forfeit their time.  

Problem No. 5, Slow pace of play: Monitors (at least two) to roam the course to assist golfers and regulate pace. (If additional employees are needed, green fees could be increased.)

OK, golfers. Pitch in with suggestions and get them heard so we can help golf courses find a way to open. I hope to see you on the first tee.

Richard Myers

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