Dan Waters | On COVID-19 and Reopening

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Regarding the letter from Jim Blumel Sr. in the May 9 Sunday Signal: “The Bill of Rights vs. COVID-19.”

Mr. Blumel, in his May 9 letter to the editor, says politicians tell us we cannot assemble with friends, even in our own homes. 

They shutter our schools and important businesses. They close churches. The virus offers a good excuse for them to gain more control.

He then states that we must practice mitigation and protect the vulnerable, but at the same time let’s open our schools and churches. Let’s open our businesses and get our country back to work.

I wish that Mr. Blumel had included in his letter a commitment that he and his family would not occupy a virus hospital bed even if they were sick with COVID-19.

Dan Waters

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