John Weaver | Let the People Enjoy the Beach

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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So Mayor Eric Garcetti has decreed that Los Angeles beaches can be opened but only if people stay in motion, on wet sand, wearing masks, 6 feet apart. Stopping on dry sand, or spreading a towel, or playing Frisbee, etc. are forbidden. In addition, he proclaims, he will follow the science.

But scientific experiments have shown that the COVID-19 virus dies rapidly in warm, humid conditions and is destroyed in sunlight. This “science” would indicate that on warm spring/summer days, beaches (along with golf courses) would be the least likely places to expect the virus to spread, especially if social distancing is maintained.

In addition, science indicates that vitamin D is protective against viruses of all types. Since sunlight on bare skin promotes the body’s production of vitamin D, a trip to the beach, once again, appears an all-around HEALTHY alternative.

So how about it, Garcetti? Follow the science rather than your own megalomaniac tendencies. Lift the idiotic restrictions! Let the people go!. 

John Weaver


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