Patrick Comey | Disappointed in Lunetta Column

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Letters to the Editor
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I was disappointed to read Steve Lunetta’s opinion piece (April 23) wherein he promoted yet another conspiracy theory. Although the Signal tries to present a wide range of opinions, they should be based on facts, not distortions.

Where’s the evidence that China “hoarded” medical supplies in advance of the outbreak? This implies China knew there was going to be an outbreak. And the World Health Organization was “complicit” (definition of complicity: being involved with others in illegal activity or wrongdoing) in “propagating” (definition: breed specimens) the virus? Outlandish! Those allegations of criminal activity must be backed up with facts, but they are not. I ask Mr. Lunetta, “Who was involved in this criminal conspiracy with the Chinese?” WHO is an international organization under the U.N. umbrella. Does he seriously think that other countries conspired to release a virus in China and around the world?

I could get my fill of conspiracy theories on the internet if I wanted to. I subscribe to my local paper for real news and reasoned opinion, not this kind of opinion.

Patrick Comey
Santa Clarita

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