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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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My heart goes out to the graduating high school seniors whose plans for further education have been temporarily interrupted. Being older and having had the good fortune to have had many years of college that were only minimally interrupted, I would like to pass on these thoughts. 

First, remember this disruption is temporary. Many college-level classes can be taken online and remotely. Be sure that, if you enroll in a distance learning school, that it is accredited. Make sure the accreditation is not conditional. If you are applying for law school, medical school, nursing or any other profession that has a licensing body, look at the success rate on board exams for your particular school. If you have prerequisites or theory classes prior to internships or practical work where you need to be on site, enroll in those classes first. Ensure that all the work you do is transferable. 

In the event in-person classes are available at a later date or you want to go out of state for further education, that opportunity will be available to you. You can transfer the work you have already completed. Remember that easy professors might not give you the best academic experience. You will be more competitive when your professors require your performance to be at a higher level. If you work harder and have good grades, you will have a better choice of universities. Take advantage of college advisors who are available by phone. However, make your own decisions regardless of the advice you are given. 

Trust me, your parents will not mind having you around a little longer to ensure that you’re working hard, paving the road to a successful future, and they know you’re safe. In return, to show appreciation to them for having you around for an extra couple of years, help out around the house, walk the dog, make dinner, do the dishes, and just tell them that you love them and be thankful. Best of luck to all of you and congratulations!

Randi Kay


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