Simple and fun crafts to keep kids entertained

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Keeping children content and occupied isn’t always an easy task — especially with more and more days being spent at home. As parents and caregivers, it can also be challenging to come up with creative solutions and fun projects that differ each day. However, even if you lack crafting abilities, you can still inspire your kids and help them stretch their creative muscles with items commonly found right at home, including scissors, straws, rulers and duct tape.

In an effort to keep your kids entertained, Duck Tape Brand Duct Tape offers several ideas for kids of all ages to engage in crafting fun — from teens to toddlers. And, Duck Tape keeps messes at bay since no glue, glitter or markers are needed.

Flower power ring the garden inside with Duck Tape roses — no watering required! Creating these roses will get your kids excited for the new season ahead and test their measuring and counting skills as they pull together a colorful bouquet. Plus, these flowers make great gifts!

Luck of the draw re your kids having a day where everything you suggest sounds unappealing? Help them avoid boredom with a popsicle stick activity jar. Work together to identify fun activities and write each down on a popsicle stick.

Let your kids add colorful designs to the sticks and place them in a jar. Next time your family is feeling less than inspired during playtime, bust out the activity jar and leave it to the sticks to decide.

Home-schooled fun ith most children adjusting to remote learning, it’s important to provide a space where they feel inspired to learn. One great way to do this is to designate a work station where each kid can house favorite supplies and personalize it with a few decorations — just as they do at school.

Let kids create their own desk organizers with a few items you likely already have on hand, such as Duck Tape, scissors, and empty paper rolls or cereal boxes. Once all the supplies are gathered, all they need to do is wrap the paper rolls and boxes in the tape design of their choosing.

Next, designate each container to hold pencils, markers and important homework. Not only will your kids take pride in their new creations, you’ll enjoy not having to search for missing papers each morning. 

Creative Reading elp keep reading fun by letting kids create their own custom bookmarks. This easy, DIY project is perfect for beginners, since all the crafter needs to do is cut the tape and fold it over card stock for a one-of-a-kind design.

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By providing a little creative inspiration, you can help your kids spark their imaginations and have them on their way to creating their next masterpiece. (Statepoint) 

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