A slow and bumpy recovery?


By Holly Schroeder

President and CEO of SCV EDC

SCVEDC recently hosted a webinar with Mark Schniepp from the California Economic Forecast to get an update on the current state of the economy and learn what has changed over the past few months. This webinar was part of a series co-hosted with the SCV Chamber:

Schniepp began by noting the SCV moved from record low unemployment levels at the beginning of the year to skyrocketing unemployment due to the COVID-19 shutdown. According to his data analysis, unemployment levels peaked in mid-April and are slowly inching down as businesses gradually begin the reopening process and employees return to work.

Though the lockdowns have lifted for many businesses, including restaurants, retail and some entertainment venues, Schniepp predicted that the economy won’t just go back to business as usual. 

L.A. County is likely to lag other regions of California in the recovery because more of the sectors here have been shut down, and for longer, including tourism, the film industry, entertainment venues and the ports. Though the SCV economy is largely tied to that of Los Angeles County and major local employers have been forced to furlough employees, Schniepp noted that the construction industry is rebounding for both residential and commercial units.

On the upside, it does appear that consumers are ready to dine out and enjoy personal grooming services, and demand is still high for cars and homes. Schniepp was optimistic that American industry would become more innovative because of constraints, and the recovery might be easier than economists originally predicted.

Overall, Schniepp forecasted that recovery has begun, but it will be a slow and bumpy ride. As unemployment benefits expire and PPP Loans and other loans come due, that might weaken the economy, or at least slow the recovery further. He anticipated that as things gradually return to “normal,” the economy would too. In about Q3 of 2022.

To listen to the rebroadcast of the webinar with Mark Schniepp, or any of webinars from the Scaling Up series visit our website: scvedc.org/scalingup

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