Can’t stop staring at this Freedom Bark


Figuring out an easy 4th of July dessert can be daunting: You want it look super patriotic, but not be too much work to make. Not being a super-crafty person myself, I couldn’t believe how easy this Independence Day-themed bark was to make.

The hardest part is securing the red, white and blue candy melts, which is actually super easy as long as you have a craft store like Michael’s nearby.

If you’re not familiar with candy melts, they’re basically a mix of oil, cocoa butter and food dye; they come in any color you could pretty much ever want. They might be the highest caliber of chocolate, but they produce super cool stuff.

We used candy melts to make Unicorn Bark around Easter, a pastel bark studded with a half dozen different types of sprinkles. The process is so mesmerizing to watch: You melt candy melts as you would chocolate, then add spoonfuls to a baking tray, making sure each spoonful is touching one another.

Once you’re satisfied with your general shape, you swirl all the colors together to get a cool tie-dye effect. We topped with red, white, and blue sprinkles and edible gold stars to be as patriotic as possible. Tastes like freedom!

Freedom Bark

Yields: 8

Prep time: 15 mins

Total time: 35 mins


1 cup white candy melts, melted

1 cup blue candy melts, melted

1 cup red candy melts, melted

1/3 cup red, white and blue sprinkles

2 tbsp. edible gold stars (available at craft stores)

2 tbsp. blue edible glitter (available at craft stores)


On a baking sheet, add spoonfuls of melted white, blue and red candy melts, adding twice as many white spoonfuls than red and blue.

Using an offset spatula or knife, swirl colors together, creating a tie-dye effect.

Top with sprinkles and edible gold stars and glitter.

Freeze 20 minutes.

Break into pieces and serve.(Delish)

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