Jim Horton | In Want of the Dream Dr. King Envisioned for Us

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

Does anyone know what “systemic racism” is? We hear the term repeatedly but without clear definition. One perceived message is the appearance that some people want the public to believe that we’re all racists at our cores.

Racism and tribalism have been in this world from time immemorial; no country has escaped it. Over time has the cry of “racism” evolved to a convenient con that some choose to weaponize against people they dislike to debase them or shove them into silence? 

When we look back on the Civil Rights Movement and its effects in America, we see many men who got involved and were positive and passionate in the support of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Dr. King was a force unto himself. His life and message were very worthy and meaningful; he was thoughtful and circumspect and destined to make a difference. He consistently spoke about peace over violence. We need to hope that his dream did not die with him.

Some carried on with an ability to remain true to the dream. Unfortunately, that goodness gets overshadowed by the ones seeking the profits of wealth, fame and power. 

How, you may ask? By, again, bringing out the “weapon” and highlighting the negatives to extort gains from various sources like big businesses. Exploit them by claiming they should suffer the guilt of slavery; thus exploitation for (usually) financial gain. Such tactics are not the practice of honorable civil rights leaders. 

Dishonorable leaders long ago realized there was enough guilt to launch political careers and so they and their acolytes stepped into the breach and slipped into jobs like, for one, running large cities. This realization that wealth was to be gained was not limited to a single color. All those who realized what was happening pushed and shoved to get a piece of that very lucrative pie. Personal greed is paramount. 

Our large cites have been given billions of dollars over the last 40 years and nothing has changed. The lives of many young black men and women are being snuffed out by lack of leadership in cities across our nation and commonly in their own backyards. The actions and theme of “Black Lives Matter” are not being extended to them. Why? Clearly no one is attempting to look for the causes of these deaths, let alone actively seek an aim of resolution.

The lives lost at the hands of errant police authorities must be recognized. Most prominently right now of course is the cruel death of George Floyd at the hands of an evil man who is supposed to protect the masses. Sadly, this is one very bad apple in the large barrel of hard-working good men and women, who wear the badge and do the good work. 

The media, of course, has relentlessly “reported” on this event — its way. Irrespective of the clear video that shows a brutal act, more facts are developing. CBS host Gayle King held an interview, aired Wednesday, revealing Floyd and bad cop Derek Chauvin had a negative history between them.

More details will be forthcoming. 

As intended by the destructive crowd, the void between the haves and the have-nots is widening. We have elected wrong-headed people in places where there is no leadership at all. 

They are men and women with a title who have so little intellect and comprehension that they are incapable of solving a problem. Their only political forte is to blame others and kick the can farther down the road and exacerbating the real problems.

You cannot fool all of the people all of the time. Some lies wear thin as is the lie about systemic racism. People have heard it for so long and nothing has come out of it except hate and now questioning is happening. If we’re all racists, then what is the answer? 

Dr. King’s dream of lifting up a whole race of people was his dream and he devoted his life to it. There were and are too many elements that conspire to work against the outcome that he worked hard for, marched for and orated about.  

Many of us hope for an enlightened populace, but it may be a dream that cannot be realized. The shallow thinkers among us may cheer on the first black president, pointing to it as a milestone forward in race equity while, in fact, race relations worsened. He was supposed to be the healer. 

Various news reports tell us differently.

Jim Horton is a Santa Clarita resident. “Right Here, Right Now” appears Saturdays and rotates among local Republicans.

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