Laser cataract surgery arrives in the Santa Clarita Valley

Laser cataract surgery arrives in the Santa Clarita Valley

Q: Dr. Helm, would you explain the difference between traditional cataract surgery and laser cataract surgery?

Dr. Helm: Traditional cataract surgery involves the use of blades to make incisions to access the cataract. Generally, in experienced hands, this technique produces excellent results with standard lens implants. However, there are now more advanced lens implants that perform best when they are perfectly centered in the eye. In laser-assisted cataract surgery, the laser is used instead of a blade to make the incisions in the patient’s cornea, making a perfect circular opening to access the cataract. Laser pulses soften the cataract for ease of removal.

Q: What are the main advantages of the laser?

Dr. Helm: The advantages of using a laser with cataract surgery are that the laser gives us a level of precision, predictability and programmability that allows for greater customization of surgery. Each eye is different. The laser takes that into account and allows us to precisely tailor the best contoured incision for that particular eye.

Q: Is there anything special about this particular laser that Helm Vision Group has acquired?

Dr. Helm: This laser represents Swiss technology at its finest! Unlike other laser platforms that are available for cataract surgery, the Ziemer FEMTO LDV Z8 uses the lowest pulse energy to do the job and is highly accurate. With less energy needed to perform, it causes less inflammation and makes the surgery a more gentle experience. We are very excited to bring this technology to Santa Clarita residents.

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