Paige Weaver | LAPD: The People Are on Your Side

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Dear L.A. Police Department officers, leaders and union members:

Mayor Eric Garcetti has proposed cutting your already inadequate budget in response to threats and lies from organizations like Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and others. I urge you not to allow him and the City Council to even get close to implementing such a policy. How, you may ask? Go before the cameras to announce that the LAPD and all of its members are on strike immediately and until Garcetti and the council either resign or come out to publicly apologize to the men and women of the LAPD for falsely accusing them of systematic racism and brutality. 

You know, and it is demonstrable by the record, that this is not true in any sense! For the future of Los Angeles, its citizens and yourselves, you cannot let these falsehoods go forward unchallenged. If you do, submissively, and such policy is implemented, your lives and the lives of the citizens you serve are in significantly greater long-term danger. 

Yes, if you implement this action, there is a potentially short-term ugly disruption. The citizens may suddenly and unfairly be introduced to the reality of what happens when thugs and criminals are given an unfettered opportunity to rob, rape, assault and kill, and there is no one to respond to 911. But it is not you that threw down this gauntlet. The fault for that lies with Garcetti and the council and their feeble cowardly attempts to bow down to some kind of political correctness at your expense. Don’t let them get away with it! Feel assured. The people are much more on your side than theirs!  

Paige Weaver


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