Pete Van | Tired, at a Tiring Time

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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I’m tired doesn’t even come close to encompassing the feeling. Sadly, there’s always a giant problem. Every semester, a shadow over our head. Evolution, not revolution, is the watchword during this season of racial reconciliation. I’m tired of feeling guilty about moving on in my life. How do I make sense of it? 

My wife and shrink will tell me to take all the time that you need. How much time is enough? When is it ever enough? When will I stop feeling horrible for trying to be happy? I’m tired because I see the problem when I question if I can call you my friend. How can you be my “friend” if anything like these events should happen to you? I’d do something! I’m tired because you have to see and hear the same pointless speeches. Television has brought video into our homes, so millions more are witness to history. It has stirred emotions in ways that print never could. It makes news and educational information available to people and does it in ways that are consistent with our evolving lifestyle. 

I’m tired; I can’t run away from this one. There is no running away from reality. Being black means having to realize this is part of life. I could avoid the news, but I can’t ignore the people who see me. I’m tired again because you know the answer is infinite. No amount of black voices in protest will ever be enough. It’ll never be enough until we’re all safe.

I’m tired because you’re fully aware of how whiteness, violence and its institutions are at work, and that’s why we’re here. Mass communication has become an essential ingredient and informative tool for communication. The expansion of television in terms of content and programs suited for all people groups have made video a useful form necessary in the continual quality of life. Saugus Strong!

Pete Van

Canyon Country

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