Richard Budman | Remembering Dad’s Example

Richard Budman

Tomorrow is Father’s Day and I would like to wish all the fathers a very happy and special day.

Although my dad passed away 32 years ago, there is not a single day that goes by that I don’t try to live my life as he taught me.

He taught me the value of hard work and working for what you receive in life.

He showed me how to treat people honestly and with respect, no matter who they are, and to be fair and kind to everyone. He taught me to treat all people the same, no matter what race or religion they are.

Although he was a very successful businessman who owned a large business, he taught me to treat everyone with respect no matter if they were a U.S. senator or a manual laborer.

He taught me to never ask anyone to perform a service or to do something that I would not do myself.

He was a good and caring man, and I loved him.

He also taught me how to be a good dad and how to work hard to be a good provider for my family, while always being available to spend time with me and to listen to me.

He would always support me in whatever I was doing as much as possible and I knew he would always be in my corner if I needed him. I always felt loved and supported.

He showed me how to raise and support a family, how to be loyal and loving to my wife and daughter. He taught me priorities in life, and that my family always comes first.

My only regret about my dad is that he never lived long enough to meet his granddaughter, who he would have loved and cherished.

My dad never gave me “lessons.” He never talked to me directly about these things. We never even had a discussion about them.

My dad taught me by example, by living his life this way every day. He showed me how to be a good person, just as I hope I am showing my daughter how to raise a family and to be a good person.

I hope I am showing her how to treat people, work hard and understand what her priorities should be. Maybe I’m not doing it as well as my dad did, but I’m still hoping and striving.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

And again, I wish a happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

Richard Budman is owner and publisher of The Signal.

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