Home-Based Accounting Business: Understanding Your Needs 

Work has undergone dramatic change over the years, with more professionals turning to home-based operations for flexibility and convenience. This trend has proven particularly advantageous to accountants who can leverage

Richard Budman

Richard Budman | Thankful for Our Little Bubble

I was thinking the other day how we really live in a bubble here in Santa Clarita.  With two wars, an immigration crisis, inflation, corruption, a border crisis, homelessness, political

The Signal Presents a Fentanyl Town Hall

Learn the dangers of Fentanyl and counterfeit drugs How to spot the physical and emotional signs of possible drug use and dependency Hear how to talk with your kids about

Richard Budman

Richard Budman | Christmas Warmth in the SCV

“I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.” What a wonderful song. Catchy, and every year at this time the lyrics, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas,” fill the stores and the

Richard Budman

Richard Budman | Plenty to Be Thankful For

As Thanksgiving is upon us, I was thinking about the pilgrims and the events that occurred during the first Thanksgiving. What it must have been like for two entirely different

Richard Budman

Richard Budman | 103 Years in SCV, and Counting

Yesterday was The Signal’s 103rd birthday. That’s 103 years of covering fires, crime, county and city government, business, education, sports and, most importantly, the accomplishments of you, your family and

Richard Budman

Richard Budman | Plenty to Be Thankful for Today

As Thanksgiving approaches, I was thinking about what the first Thanksgiving represented. The coming together of two different peoples and cultures in friendship. The putting aside of different customs and

Richard Budman

Richard Budman | Voters Must Hold Swamp Accountable

After four years, $44 million and a special prosecutor, the Robert Mueller investigation found no proof, no ties and no collusion between Donald Trump and Russia. No wrongdoing whatsoever. Nothing.