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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I’m writing today in response to a June 6 letter by Roberta Dey, “Show a Little Respect Already.” She says her heart “becomes sad” when she gets to the opinion section and that she feels ashamed because of what many people write. She asks us, those who write letters to the editor, to be careful of how we use our First Amendment rights.

Good grief, Roberta, you should be glad, not sad, that people take advantage of the opportunity to have their voices heard, and furthermore, Roberta, telling us to be careful of how we use those rights is close to an infringement on those rights.

It gets worse! Roberta says we don’t give President Donald J. Trump the respect he deserves and that he is due that respect because he is the president and the leader of our free country.

Roberta dear, respect is a fragile thing and by many of Mr. Trump’s actions he has diminished the respect he once had. As far as him being the “leader” of our free country, let me just say that he is indeed  “in charge,” but he is far from being a leader. 

Richard Myers


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