Gil Mertz | Silver Linings of a Biden Presidency?

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
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If we are to believe the polls, Joe Biden will win in a landslide in November. This is coming from the very same pollsters that showed Hillary Clinton with an even larger lead at this time four years ago. Biden says nothing, knows nothing and does nothing, yet the media would have us believe this race is over.

Joe Biden is irrelevant as he proves with each bumbling appearance. This election will be entirely a referendum on President Donald Trump. Democrats failed to overturn the last election by removing him from office and are hoping the death and misery of a global pandemic will do the trick. With no plan, no message and no candidate to make Americans’ lives better, COVID-19 is their bright hope.

So, what if the hate and fear campaign by the Democratic Media Complex is successful to fool enough voters and the consequence is President Joe Biden? Among other nightmares, his administration will include Bernie Sanders’ socialist agenda, AOC’s Green New Deal, Beto O’Rourke’s gun confiscation program and Elizabeth Warren’s 9-year old transgender friend to dictate public policy. 

But in this looming dark cloud, I must admit there would be some silver linings. Here are just a few that come to mind if Joe Biden were to defeat Donald Trump in November.

We would be spared four years of contesting the election with conspiracy theories about foreign collusion or voter suppression. Because if a Democrat wins, it’s fair. Only GOP victories are illegitimate. 

We would also be spared emotional meltdowns from leftists all over the country who are incapable of handling democracy if the vote goes against them. So, there would be no need for safe zones, comfort animals, therapy crafts, or screaming into the sky.

The world would be saved! The eight-year global warming doomsday clock would be reversed, oceans will stop rising and our planet will be healed thanks to Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar climate change campaign. The profiteers of the global warming hysteria will be especially happy.

America will be transformed. After a political career spanning nearly 50 years in Washington, Biden has promised to bring us NEW ideas that will make everyone’s life better.

COVID-19 would suddenly, inexplicably, and magically get better. The media’s tone of doom would immediately turn to hope. They would start including news about recoveries and declining death rates. Even before Biden took office, the media would shower him with praise for the way he handled the coronavirus. It wouldn’t be true but that has never stopped the media from their political narratives.

The daily, 24/7 news cycles of breaking White House scandals would end. By my count, the news media have reported on at least 1,000 “scandals” since President Trump took office. If Biden was president, coverage of any scandals would stop overnight. 

Racism in America would finally come to an end because of Joe Biden’s empathy as portrayed in his carefully scripted political ads. Just knowing that he cares will melt generations of injustice. 

Late-night comedians will be forced to find new material. This will be a challenge for those who have Trump to thank for their careers. They’ve turned hate into such a cottage industry that even Al Sharpton would be jealous. Now they will have to go back to doing lame comedy. 

The VIEW will have nothing to talk about and could possibly get canceled as a ratings bomb. Not hearing political commentary from celebrity airheads is always a silver lining.

CNN and MSNBC would also suffer serious ratings declines as their entire newscasts are devoted to anti-Trump propaganda. A world without these shameless, tabloid outfits would be celebrated by anyone with an I.Q. in double digits.

“Saturday Night Live” could possibly go back to being funny.

Prospective Supreme Court justices would be questioned by Congress without accusations of being a serial rapist. Senate votes would be about the candidate’s qualifications and not fall 100% according to party lines. Wouldn’t that be refreshing?

There wouldn’t be another two or three impeachment attempts, which Democrats would surely do if they hold onto the House and Trump is re-elected. 

For Hunter Biden, this wouldn’t be a silver lining, but a GOLD lining. Considering how he made out when his dad was VP, imagine the haul he could make with him as president. He could get as rich as the Clintons!

These are just a few things that could take the edge off losing our country with Biden as the front man for every socialist and Marxist ideology that would have free reign in his administration. For now, my silver lining as that the same polls that predicted a Clinton victory in 2016 will be wrong yet again.

Gil Mertz is a Thousand Oaks resident and former Santa Clarita Valley resident who worked for Help the Children in Valencia for 20 years. His column does not necessarily represent the views of The Signal or its editorial board.

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