Gwendolyn Sims | For Suburban Women, November Choice Is Clear

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
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During elections, suburban women like me get quite a bit of attention from the political pundits. In suburban Santa Clarita, women make up about 50% of the population, which means we’re a significant portion of the voter pool. 

2020, however, is a different kind of election for us because it isn’t the usual battle between right vs. left. 

This time the election is crucially important to the preservation of the very values that drive suburban women to vote: family, economics and safety.

As voters, suburban women are typically educated, family-oriented, and locally active. We have jobs at every level, we raise our children with partners or alone, and we participate in local organizations supporting issues in education, health, religion, social and politics. We vote in large numbers for candidates who claim to support and protect those same issues. In other words, we vote to support our values.

In 2020, the choice has never been more clear: Right vs. Left is a choice between policies that support our values and policies that not only aren’t supportive, but actively work against them. 

It’s a clear choice between what’s right for our lives and what’s not.

The Right is focused on policies that support families, grow the economy, and uphold the rule of law. It believes you can take care of yourself by making your own decisions with the government there to protect your God-given rights and liberty.

Republicans like Mike Garcia and Donald Trump offer lower taxes for everyone, school choice, fewer regulations, national security and job creation. 

Both Garcia and Trump support our military and law enforcement while upholding law and order. They want to invest in our law enforcement, not defund them. 

They want a secure border wall with complementary immigration laws enforced for both legal and illegal immigration. 

Mike Garcia is a strong advocate for minorities and women. “He opposes job-killing liberal policies, like Assembly Bill 5, that crush California’s workers and small businesses.” 

Garcia supports protecting Proposition 13 to keep our property taxes in check.

By contrast, the Left is focused on policies that move the country “toward economic, racial, social and environmental justice” — all policies that weaken families, crush the economy, and encourage both chaos and violence. The Left believes the government should take care of you by making decisions for you. 

It also believes the few rights you have are given to you by the government.

For Democrats like Joe Biden and Christy Smith, personal choice is bad. They want you to let them make your decisions by eliminating school choice and charter schools, while immersing our kids in anti-American curriculum like the 1619 Project and Common Core. 

Every cycle, the far left pushes the Democratic Party further left. 

The Biden-Sanders Unity Platform calls for defunding our military, closing prisons, ending cash bail and abolishing the death penalty, among other things. How will any of that keep us safe?

The Left is calling for no border wall; abolishing immigration detention; increasing sanctuary cities; immediate maximum welfare benefits, work permits, free health care, student aid, and free community college for illegal immigrants; an end to all travel bans including terrorist nations even during a worldwide pandemic. 

Christy Smith voted for $3 billion in tax hikes on our families, and supported the job-killing AB5 that is decimating small businesses and freelancers. 

Smith also did nothing to fight against yet another gas tax increase during a pandemic when a lot of us in the 25th Congressional District and 38th Assembly District are out of work. 

Biden’s tax plan is even more destructive, with a $4 trillion tax hike on 80% of Americans. It includes higher taxes at every income level and a higher business tax rate than China. Biden endorses AB5, further hurting our small businesses and freelancers.

Make no mistake, the recent chaos, civil unrest and violence are the Left’s doing; Biden and Smith each sided with the so-called protesters — not law enforcement —and neither made any effort to condemn the lawless rioters and looters, nor did they send words of support to the innocent business owners who were victimized by the mob by having their property stolen and destroyed. 

Still think the left will keep us safe? 

“But I just can’t vote for Trump! I don’t like him or the way he tweets!” 

Really? It’s OK to dislike Trump’s abrasive style and his incessant tweeting and still vote for freedom. It’s OK to believe he is hugely imperfect and also believe that voting for him is the better option of the two. 

If you can’t bear to think of voting for him, then consider it a vote against leftist policies — a vote for your best interests.

Understand that Joe Biden is an empty suit, a vessel for the far left to use to run The Agenda. He’s not a leader. He’s never led anything. The far left knows this. 

The Democratic Party wants to fundamentally transform our country. This isn’t a secret, they’ve said so. Therefore, if you vote for the Left, you are not only voting against your country, but also against your own self-interest as well.

In the end, the 2020 choice for suburban women is clear: A vote for the Right is in our best interest. 

Gwendolyn Sims is a 22-year resident of Santa Clarita. “Right Here, Right Now” appears Saturdays and rotates among local Republicans.

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