Richard Myers | Correct vs. Politically Correct

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I know that I’m going out on a limb and I’m sure some of your readers will find pleasure in sawing it off behind me, but I’d like to point out that sometimes politically correct is just not correct at all.

Take for example the outcry by many that the Cleveland Indians baseball team should be renamed because in the minds of these folks it is demeaning to Indians. But I suggest that just the exact opposite stance can be made. 

The “Indians” were chosen by the Cleveland owners because in their minds Indians were strong, smart, and brave, some traits the owners wanted for their players and their team. So the name “Indians” could, and in my view should, be seen as honoring Indians, not demeaning them.

Politically correct is also incorrect when we look at what is happening with the Washington Redskins football team. Again, a name chosen because of admirable traits is viewed from a different point of view by some with closed minds. I hope the owners of these teams stand up for themselves and for those who originally chose these time-honored names. 

Yes, today some statues need to be removed and the Confederate flag should be a museum piece, but let’s be correct and not politically incorrect.

Richard Myers


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