Stephen Smith | Remember in November: What the Left Has Done

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
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In recent years common wisdom has dictated that Democrats believed that Republicans were evil, and Republicans believed that Democrats were simply wrong-headed. Despite fundamental policy disagreements, in times of crisis they would put differences aside and work for the common good. 

We are now facing the largest crisis we have experienced since the Civil War. Unfortunately, the old wisdom and unity found in common purpose no longer seems to apply. The elected Democrats and mainstream media have morphed into what they long have charged Republicans of being. I pray that all seek restorative change by looking to our founding documents and principles for guidance going forward. The new Marxist influenced leftist-Democrats have put our most basic enumerated and natural law rights under assault. 

Conservatives are actively being silenced, their families and friends are under attack solely due to their association. 

Their ability to be employed is being taken away because they will not worship at the feet of the political correctness issue du jour. 

For example, saying “all lives matter” becomes a reason to be expelled from civil society. For this thought crime, people have already forfeited their lives. 

Trapped in a deep dark place, full of rage and in search of revenge, the leftist policies fail to honor past promises of being the champions for the underclass and victims of our society. 

They have become the champions of elitist, mega-corporations and the enemy of the middle class, upward mobility and individual freedom. They support the predominantly white upper-class anarchist and attack those who believe in peaceful demonstrations and in the wisdom and values of western civilization.

If your blood is boiling, I hope you can let go what you have come to believe and look at a few of the leftist enacted policies and their results.

Under the Obama/Biden administration, taxes and regulations for business increased. 

Small businesses did not have the resources for compliance. Many were forced to close, giving big business a greater market share. The results were predictable, “The poor get poorer and the rich get richer.” 

The champions of the little guy created more souls dependent on the dole while the corporations and the rich filled the elected left’s campaign coffers. 

The shutdown policies put into place by leftist-Democrats in reaction to COVID-19 have resulted in further destruction of the middle class and small business owners. Many jobs may disappear forever. 

Dependency on government handouts increased. Small businesses close while big business, big box stores and big tech are flourishing. 

The small businessperson suffers the most. Take a small restaurant as an example. With the forced closure, they still have rent and utilities to pay with no cash flow. Purchased food spoils. 

Valued employees go on the dole. With reopen orders, they must rehire, retrain, buy food, prepare workplace, and open to a wary public. 

Close again and start over, repeat. 

They just cannot stay in business this way. 

“The poor get poorer and the rich get richer.”  

Target, Costco and Walmart, who have stayed open, all have many more customers crowded together creating a greater risk of the spread of COVID-19 than if we could go to our neighborhood business. 

Leftist-Democrats support the protests as lawful expression of free speech with their massive crowds, not wearing masks, some looting, burning, destroying cultural icons and symbols without any understanding of their context and history. 

The leftist-Democrats attack Hasidic Jews for having a funeral procession, churches having services, any other type of public gathering even with masks and social distancing. 

Hospitals were ordered to cease services except for emergency and COVID-19 treatment yet abortion clinics stayed open and received public handouts. 

Drug and alcohol sales were encouraged, 12-step programs could not meet. They have failed to give police proper guidelines. 

The police have been defunded and demoralized. Crime has exploded. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has blamed it on the lack of bread. Apparently due to the same poverty that was created by the policies that she supports.

Dear reader, there is no question that all our “Natural Law” and “Enumerated Rights” are under attack by very dark and dangerous forces. The attacks on the poor and middle class by our elected leftist-Democrats are endless. 

These are but a few examples. There is a major inconsistency in what they tell us they are for, versus the results of what they do. Self-examination of one’s deeply held beliefs is hard and can be uncomfortable. 

Please forget the rhetoric and begin looking at the consequences and remember in November. 

Stephen Smith is a graduate of UCLA and has lived and worked in the Los Angeles area his entire life. In 2010 and 2012 he was the Republican Party endorsed candidate running against longtime incumbent Xavier Becerra, for the House of Representatives. 

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