Ways to boost your chances of getting a new job


The recruiting strategist ERE Recruiting Intelligence estimates that 250 résumés are submitted for each corporate job opening, and the first submission occurs within 200 seconds after a position is posted. In such an environment, procrastination can be costly. 

There also is stiff competition for those who think they’ll simply keep a résumé posted online and wait for the jobs to roll in. BeHiring says the popular job-hunting site Monster.com receives 427,000 résumés postings each and every week. Getting a better idea of how the hiring process works today can improve professionals’ chances of getting a new job or even switching careers.

There is a “hiring funnel”

Recruiters use a specific model for every job posting. Informally dubbed the “hiring funnel,” this is a reference to the number of total applications they need to generate in order to get a single hire.

On average of the 1,000 who see an online job posting, 200 will begin the application process, 100 will actually follow through and only 25 résumés will be screened out, according to Talent Function Group, LLC.

Among that final 25, between four and six will ultimately be invited for an interview. 

Be creative with a résumé

Hundreds of people are vying for the same job, and human resources personnel who review applicants may spend 10 seconds reading over each résumé. As a result, it is essential to make a résumé stand out.

Areas most perused on a résumé include job titles, companies worked for, start/end dates and education. Make sure these key areas are visible and impressive.

Also, many résumés are scanned electronically, meaning if you do not format a résumé the correct way or use the applicable software mentioned (often PDF formatting is rejected), the résumé may never get flagged and seen.

Network responsibly

Always connect with people you think can bring career benefits in some way rather than blindly networking. Keep your social media image professional as well, as you never know where a good lead or networking opportunity may come from.

Dress the part

If you’re one of the lucky ones who earns an interview, keep the good momentum going by dressing in a manner that is appropriate for the role in which you are interviewing. Tidy hair, clean fingernails, minimal jewelry, classic attire and a pleasant attitude can make a difference.

Do your research

Always conduct background research on the company you’re interviewing with and the industry it’s a part of. This way you’ll be better apt to answer any questions that come your way. Don’t be afraid to also prepare questions that you can ask the interviewer to show your interest.

Consider temp jobs

Rejections will certainly happen as you go along, but do not sit idly licking your wounds. A temporary position is better than being unemployed and can get your foot in the door. Work with a recruiter who may be able to place you in temp jobs, especially positions with an employer you have your eye on.

These tips and more can improve applicants’ chances of getting a job. (MC)

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