Netflix’ original ‘Project Power’ is wild and wacky


By Richard Roeper

Signal Contributing Writer

‘Project Power’

Rated R (for violence, bloody images, drug content and some language). Running time: 111 minutes. Netflix.

Anyone can be a superhero in “Project Power.” All you have to do is take a magical glowing pill, and ZAM! BOOM! POW! Just like that, you’re invisible, or you have super-speed, or you can take a bullet to the head and it’ll bounce right off.

A few caveats:

A. You won’t know what your superpower will be until you take the pill.

B. Your super-duper skills will last only five minutes.

C. There’s a chance you won’t get any magic powers at all and the Power pill will backfire on you.

That’s the genius concept of the Netflix original movie “Project Power,” a vibrant and crazy and thought-
provoking and immensely entertaining film that could have been even more resonant had it not settled for a relatively conventional final act we’ve seen in dozens of thrillers.

Set in a near-dystopian New Orleans where the criminals are running wild and the police force is seemingly powerless to do anything about it, “Project Power” features two veteran big-name stars in Jamie Foxx as Art, a former military man hell-bent on finding the source of the mysterious and chaos-creating Power pills, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Frank, a dedicated N.O.P.D. cop who loves to quote Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry but is hardly a vigilante.

But the real driving force of the plot is a teenage girl named Robin, a partner of sorts to Frank who works both sides of the game. Dominique Fishback (“The Hate U Give”) plays the world-weary and cynical but lion­hearted Robin, who dreams of becoming a world-famous rap artist but finds herself plunged ever deeper into a corrupt and dangerous world.

Fishback infuses Robin with an aura of sadness and cynicism but also quick humor and an inherent instinct for heroics, even though she would never call herself a hero. It’s a star-making performance.

Directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman deliver screen-popping, brightly colored and explosive visuals, filled with frantic action sequences, most notably an early scene where Machine Gun Kelly’s Newt pops a Power pill and turns into a human fireball, and when Gordon-Levitt’s Frank violates police protocol and pops a pill in order to chase down a bank robber.

“Project Power” is primarily a sci-fi action thriller, but there’s more than a sprinkling of social commentary, as when a frustrated Frank exclaims to his supervisor (Courtney B. Vance) about the feds taking over operations in his city: “We know what happened the last time guys in suits took over in New Orleans!”

All the “big” mysteries in “Project Power” are cleaned up in fairly predictable fashion, but the strength of the film is in those wild and wacky action sequences, and most of all in the unlikely bond between Robin and Frank, and then Robin and Art, and eventually Robin and Art and Frank. 

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