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Letters to the Editor
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I came up with a simple test to determine if a news media source exhibits bias: When a report goes beyond the objective statement of what happened and either supports or attacks what happened or those involved -— that constitutes media bias. 

It’s an attempt to guide public opinion. That’s not what people like me expect from news media. Just give me the report and leave. If I want your opinion, I’ll ask for it. Unsolicited opinion is inconsiderate at best, and rude at worst. That’s how people like me view most news media sources. We’re not here to be entertained. We go to other sources for that.

I often wonder how highly biased news media sources feel knowing the bulk of their readers are people incapable of independent thought. How insecure they must be to need that sort of a following. A captive audience of Kool-Aid drinkers. That’s not journalism. That’s propaganda. It attempts to rob the reader of the freedom to decide for himself. I consider that a crime, an offense against one’s sensibilities (if he has any). And calling it an “editorial” doesn’t make it right. Who cares what the editor thinks?

I have yet to find a purely objective news media source. Some come pretty darn close: AP News, The Hill and Reuters are among those who at least attempt to leave their thoughts, feelings,and agendas out of the report. 

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita

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