Casey McMichael | Is Memorial the Way to Heal?

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Letters to the Editor
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Editor’s note: The following letter was received before the City Council’s meeting on Tuesday in which the council discussed a memorial or name change for Central Park.

This is in regards to the continuing debate on memorializing the Saugus High School shooting and the article in the Aug. 22 edition. Although I still would vote NO on the actual project, I did read about some ideas that may be a compromise. It’s still difficult for me, as a parent with three children who successfully graduated from Saugus, to answer why the parents want this type of project anyway. I am trying to imagine if it were one my children being a victim and I still would vote NO. 

The flag pole option, NO, the change the name of any park, NO, but my compromise may be in something next to the Youth Grove. And that’s a stretch! 

Maybe the focus should be more on education and prevention of such a tragedy. Difficult now with this COVID thing, but is there any conversation or town meeting where this topic can be discussed? 

My hope and prayers continue to go out to the families involved in this tragic event. I’m not sure a memorial will bring much healing to those involved anyway.

Casey McMichael


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