Gwendolyn Sims | California Is a Veritable Dream State for Leftists

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

In deep blue California, one-party rule means the far-left Democratic officials who run the state have in effect been able to put in place every progressive policy they’ve ever wanted. In essence, California is a progressive utopia.

Let’s see how well that’s working for the Democrats.

Environment: The western states are burning. A record 3.2 million-plus acres have burned in California so far this year — that’s an area larger than the state of Connecticut. Why is this happening? For decades, California’s forests have been mismanaged by the Democrats in charge of its government. Progressive environmentalists pushed for regulations prohibiting the proper care and limiting the resources needed to maintain our forests in a proactive manner that lowers the likelihood of massive forest fires.

Even as arson is suspected in a number of fires across the western coastal states, California’s Democratic politicians continue to cast blame on so-called climate change, angry Mother Earth, and the Republicans (who aren’t in charge) in order to deflect from their own failed environmental policies.

At the same time, a Democratic mandate forces the state’s energy to come from more and more of the less reliable, albeit renewable sources like solar and wind. This resulted in California’s aging electrical grid not being repaired and updated in a timely manner. The failing grid itself has actually ignited several forest fires, resulting in millions of dollars of lost property and lives. Under failed Democratic environmental policies, planned rolling blackouts and air quality scores in the very unhealthy or hazardous range have become the norm.

Republicans know we must halt — at least for now — the renewable energy mandates and instead spend that money on upgrading and repairing our existing electrical grid. We know we must also better manage our forests by being proactive about removing brush, dead trees and other fuel to avert future fires. Republicans know man cannot control the climate of the entire Earth, but we can control the management of our forests and electrical grid.

Law and Order: For months, Democratic politicians have remained mostly silent as Democratic-run cities across the country have been in continual turmoil with unchecked leftist rioting, violence, destruction of property and even murder. They’re afraid to support our officers and deputies for fear of the leftist mob’s wrath. Instead of condemning the violence, however, Democratic politicians condone it while supporting it under the rhetoric of “peaceful protests’’ and “social justice.”

Meanwhile, misguided Democratic policies like Assembly Bill 109, Proposition 47 and Prop. 57 have led to a rise in crime and a decline in public safety. In an effort to reduce prison populations, Democrats have released more criminals into our communities while also decreasing penalties for crime. The results are a dramatic increase in retail theft (up 50% in some areas), larceny, and organized retail theft, just to name a few.

Democratic policies have also limited our law enforcement officers’ abilities to deal with suspected criminals while also calling to defund the police, which has led to a decrease in respect and safety for our law enforcement officers. One need only look at this week’s horrific ambush shooting of two sheriff’s deputies in Compton to see the negative impact of the anti-police social justice rhetoric and policies on our deputies’ lives, their jobs, and the public’s safety. 

Republicans are unafraid and unapologetic in our public support of our law enforcement deputies and officers, our military members and our veterans. We know they are worthy of our respect and gratitude for keeping our streets, our citizens and our country safe. Republicans will defend and support the police, not defund them.

Immigration: Democratic politicians and policies openly support wide-open borders along with free food, housing, education and health care for illegal immigrants. Each of them continues to favor illegal immigrants’ rights over the rights of American citizens, all while pushing the debunked “kids in cages” narrative.

Sanctuary cities and states are not the compassionate safe havens far-left Democrats pretend they are — just ask Kate Steinle’s father. Lawless sanctuary policies act as magnets for illegal immigration and increased crime. According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, more than 2.1 million criminal aliens are in the U.S. engaging in criminal activity. In California alone, it is estimated that illegal immigration costs taxpayers more than $25.3 billion a year — that’s $2,370 per legal U.S. citizen household in California.

Republicans know illegal immigration is not sustainable and we must monitor and control our borders. We must know who comes into our country legally and who overstays their visas. To that end, as of Sept. 14, 321 miles of border wall have been completed under President Donald Trump’s leadership. As Republicans, we don’t need to rely on false narratives about immigration. We believe in the American Dream. We believe in legal immigration.

Conclusion: Democrats like Christy Smith, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden will defund the police, defund the military, increase the size of government, promote the 1619 Project to our kids, raise taxes, strangle the economy, curtail free speech and religious freedoms, and infringe on the Second Amendment. In short, the Democrats will “Defund, Dismantle and Destroy” America as we know it. 

Republicans like Mike Garcia, Scott Wilk, Suzette Valladares, Mike Pence and Donald Trump will defeat COVID-19, rebuild the economy, tackle the national debt, cut taxes, champion school choice, support veterans, uphold free speech, protect religious freedoms and safeguard the Second Amendment. In short, the Republicans will “Defend, Develop and Restore” America as the cradle of liberty, prosperity and safety that it should be.

If the rioting, over-the-top lockdowns and lawlessness of 2020 haven’t been enough to convince you the left wants nothing short of the transformation of the entire country into the lawless, leftist utopia that is California, I don’t know what will.

Ballots will be mailed out beginning Oct. 5. Remember, Joe Biden voted in person. You can, too. 

Gwendolyn Sims is a 22-year Santa Clarita Valley resident. “Right Here, Right Now” appears Saturdays and rotates among local Republicans. 

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