Tips to help you prepare for window replacement


Though it may be hard to believe right now, colder weather is coming. This means it is time to think about staying warm. Inefficient or aging housing materials may compromise your ability to do just that. 

Drafts from doors, poorly protected attics and aging windows may force heating systems to work extra hard to maintain interior temperatures.

Replacing old windows can make a home quieter by blocking out exterior noises. Consumer Reports also notes that new windows are often easier to clean and maintain. 

Many homeowners are interested in replacing their windows, but may not know where to start. These guidelines can help the process along.

Get several estimates sk for recommendations from neighbors or other people in your area on which companies they used to install their replacement windows. When you interview the prospects, ask several questions about how they go about installing the windows. Questions can include:  

How long will the project take? 

Will I need to remain home? 

Do you discard of old debris? 

What is the protocol for installation during inclement weather?

Research permits ost home renovation projects need to be approved by the local municipality. Go to the permit office and find out the requirements. Some window contractors will include securing permits in the cost of the project. After the project is completed, an inspector will come by and ensure the work was done according to code.

Change up the appearance ook at the type of hardware you have around the home and other fixtures. Choose windows that have locks or latches that can match those features for continuity of style. Think about choosing a different style or frame color of the window, or a different type of window to improve efficiency and function.

Research top manufacturers t’s tempting to purchase windows based on price alone, but replacement windows are often a decision that only has to be made once or twice for the life of the home. Invest in durable windows that will have staying power. Consumer Reports offers unbiased reviews on various brands and can help homeowners make sound decisions.

Prepare for installation lear pathways, remove window treatments and disconnect window alarm systems. Plan for one to two days of installation, advises Andersen Windows and Doors. Keep pets and children away from work areas.

Replacement windows can be a smart investment. New windows can improve the look of a home, reduce heating costs and can keep interior spaces comfortable. (MC)

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