Carolynn Hill | Not a Friend, a President

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

President Donald Trump is irascible, temperamental, prone to exaggeration and outbursts of temper. I can wish he would avoid his Twitter account. It doesn’t matter. I am not asking him to be my friend. I am not inviting him to dinner. I am voting for him as president of the United States. What he says is irrelevant. What he has done is what is important. He has done more to stop the abomination of human trafficking than any other president. He has done more for minority groups than Barack Obama ever did. Employment for Black and Hispanic Americans under Trump was at historic lows under the Trump administration before the pandemic. Opportunity Zone initiatives encourage jobs and growth in what are often poor urban minority neighborhoods. Prison reform, deregulation on business, tax cuts, support for freedom of religion. These are actual policies that strengthened our economy and improved individual rights. This is what matters and this is why Trump has my vote. 

Carolynn Hill


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