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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

For the first time in the history of College of the Canyons, all the employee unions at COC, as well as the California Teachers Association and the Faculty Association of Community Colleges, have unanimously endorsed the following candidates for the COC board of trustees: 

Edel Alonso is the only current board member who is an educator, having worked for 16 years at COC as a counselor and served as the Academic Senate president. She has a thorough understanding about the college: its academic programs, Economic Development Division, and career technical training programs, just to name a few of the programs she oversees. As the first Latina on the board, Edel Alonso provides an important perspective for COC — a designated Hispanic serving institution. Reelecting Edel Alonso will allow her to continue the important work she started four years ago when she became a trustee. 

Jerry Danielsen is an award-winning music producer and small business owner, and has worked as a music educator for 32 years. As a board member, one of his goals is to elevate the role of the fine arts at COC and ensure the Performing Arts Center is utilized to its full potential by the college and the community. Having worked with community members for decades, he will bring a necessary fresh perspective to the board and a commitment to ensure taxpayer funds are spent for the direct benefit of students. Electing Jerry Danielsen would ensure that, for the first time, the entertainment and arts community would be represented on the COC board of trustees. 

Sebastian Cazares is a recent COC graduate and was deeply involved in the campus, not just as a student, but also as a campus leader; he was the Associated Student Government president and also served as a proxy for the COC student trustee. He has worked as an instructor, teaching and tutoring students. During his time at COC he presided over a variety of services and programs that are essential to the success and well-being of the students, winning accolades for the work he has done in the community. Sebastian has been an unwavering advocate for students in Sacramento at the Capitol, and has served on the Independent Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee for Measures E and M. Electing Sebastian Cazares will ensure that, for the first time, a student advocate who is thoroughly familiar with the needs and experiences of students at COC will serve on the board of trustees. 

This November, I urge the voters of Santa Clarita to make history by electing educators to the COC board of trustees who will collectively represent the diverse needs of every constituent in this valley. Each of these candidates understands the importance of the trustee position, not only for the college, but also for the community, and will bring much-needed fiscal and administrative oversight that puts the needs of students first. 

Dilek Sanver-Wang


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