Matt Denny | Gutzeit Delivers Professionalism

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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I would like to urge voters in Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency Division 3 to vote for Maria Gutzeit. This non-partisan position is an important one, and the job needs a proven agent for sustainability, cost control and a willingness to represent the best interests of all the ratepayers of the district.

We need experience and knowledge in our water board. In addition to being an experienced water board member, her real life experience as an engineer working all over Southern California on thorny issues of hazardous waste, solid waste, air permitting and reporting, federal and California environmental regulation, pesticides/biocides, stormwater, and hazardous materials adds even more to her value to us on the board.

Her willingness to publicly discuss any and all issues both via public meetings and over social media and more also make her an ideal person to continue in this important position. Please reelect Maria Gutzeit on Nov. 3. We need her leadership now more than ever.

Matt Denny


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