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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In his latest opinion piece (Sept. 5) criticizing police tactics and procedures (the last two were over the Kenosha, Wisconsin, shooting and the local Santa Clarita Valley Sand Canyon teenager incident) Signal Editor Tim Whyte tries to draw a comparison of children’s chalk drawings on a sidewalk to painting BLM in huge letters on a heavily trafficked public street. The former is OK in my opinion. The latter is a political statement. I wonder if Mr. Whyte would be just as accepting if other local teens had painted “Blue Lives Matter” on another public roadway?

In another huge leap, Mr. Whyte goes on to suggest that one of the teens who was arrested, who has been critical of Councilman Bob Kellar, may have been in retaliation or politically motivated. I think our local deputy sheriffs would be amazed to learn that they are Bob Kellar’s own personal militia or Brown Shirts of the bygone Nazi era. To make such an inference is absurd.

Max Morgan


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