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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

It is hard to imagine that there is an individual better qualified to serve on the SCV Water board than Maria Gutzeit.

Maria has served on local water agency boards since 2003 and was instrumental in the recent creation of SCV Water as wholesale and retail operations were merged. The merger resulted in millions of dollars of cost savings. This reduced the need for rate increases at the user level, helping both homeowners and businesses in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Maria Gutzeit is committed to making certain that there is a reliable supply of safe water to the SCV at an affordable rate. This includes a dedicated commitment to the recycling of water to conserve water and increase supply.

At the personal level, Maria Gutzeit has professional qualifications that are unique and valuable to SCV Water. She is a business owner and professional engineer who helps companies and nonprofits comply with complex environmental standards. Maria’s husband, Tom, owns a local business, and she understands how decisions made by the board can impact diverse constituencies in the SCV.

Maria has demonstrated leadership on the board (currently serving as vice president) , and in local organizations too numerous to mention. She is dedicated to serving the community with her valuable skill set.

I have been impressed with Maria’s commitment to transparency in the business activities of the SCV Water board. The meeting agendas and minutes are clear and concise. When I recently had a question regarding land utilization at the Saugus facility, Maria responded immediately to my concern and suggestions.

It is often said that “whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting over.” Supporters of Maria Gutzeit are impressed by her ability to find solutions and avoid needless infighting.

In short, Maria Gutzeit is dedicated to meeting the essential water needs of the SCV. 

Vote for Maria Gutzeit on Nov. 3 and she will continue her long record of successful service to the residents of the SCV.

Stephen C. Petzold


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