Streamline your makeup routine with these hacks

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Let’s face it, makeup can be expensive. We are living in a time like no other, with the pandemic and social distancing affecting every aspect of our lives — from our daily lifestyles, budgets, diets — to our beauty regimens. But in this economy, splurging on makeup isn’t a practical option.

Yet these affordable luxuries can be an excellent way to practice self-care when we need a little extra positivity in our lives. In fact, studies show that in challenging times women tend to treat themselves to personal care items as a way to feel better.

We connected with dermatologist Michelle Henry to talk about affordable and accessible ways to fuel up your beauty look in this new normal.

Items with multiple benefits

“We are living in the age of low-
effort beauty, now more than ever. Layering on multiple makeup products at once is not a great idea …, especially if you’re going to wear a mask. It can result in breakouts and clogged pores,” says dermatologist Dr. Henry. “It’s important to look for multi-benefit beauty products that help keep skin healthy and simplify your regimen; products with sunscreen and additional vitamins and antioxidants are great options.”

Here are some ways you might pamper yourself with drugstore products — without overwhelming your budget.

Use makeup dupes for value 

Save money by finding specially formulated products that help you look good and feel better. Look for makeup dupes for value; dupes are a great way to feel out colors and formulas without having to let go of hard-earned dollars, while still getting effective, high-end products and benefits. Turns out most luxury brand makeup has the same ingredients in it and provides the same multi-benefits as the drugstore ones!

Use quality makeup brushes 

Often, a perfect makeup job is more dependent on the usefulness of the tools than the amount spent on the products. Invest in well-made brushes, sponges and applicators that can be washed and used over and over. When you buy good quality tools, they help you achieve a more natural-looking makeup application and can even help you use less makeup.

But remember, failure to keep your tools clean leads to broken bristles that will show up on your skin. Cleaning makeup brushes has always been important, but during the pandemic, worries about avoiding exposure to germs and preventing cross-contamination are at an all-time high, so always clean your brushes.

Frequent-shopper discounts

Once you find the drug chains that carry your favorite makeup brands, sign up for their rewards cards so you can accrue points toward future purchases and learn about special promotions. You can often rack up points picking up groceries, pharmaceuticals, and other items on offer, then use the discounts on your choice of cosmetics.

Neutrogena’s portfolio of makeup fueled by skincare can make you feel pampered, help you look radiant and empower you to present your best possible self, no matter the challenges you’re facing from day to day. Try Neutrogena today, available nationwide at any mass drugstore. (BPT)

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