Arthur Saginian | Why Liberals Hate Everything

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I recently had a conversation (if you could call it that) with a liberal leftist. I forget the specifics of what eventually evolved into a debate of sorts, but the person I was speaking with couldn’t answer any of my questions, so in a final, furious expression of defeat hissed the words, “I hate you.” 

I responded, “I know, you hate everything.”

As I walked away I pondered to myself how a person could have arrived at a place in life where they loathed, well, existence itself. And then it occurred to me, the answer to that question. It sprang from my own feelings, which were in response to my own life experiences, those times that I was left feeling the very same way — hating. And I realized that each and every one of those experiences had one thing in common: I had been betrayed by someone I trusted. And so it must be with these liberal leftists. They must also have been betrayed by someone they trusted. But their hatred went far beyond an individual person or situation, it was universally pervasive and consumed their entire being. They had become hate.

I concluded that they must have been betrayed by everyone they had ever trusted. The parents who raised them, the professors who educated them, and the politicians who promised them, well, everything. Their entire lives they had been led by lies. Consequently, they felt betrayed by life itself. And now they are lost and are angry, and they’re trying to make everyone pay for their misplaced trust. But instead of burning down the businesses of those who had nothing to do with their faulty upbringing they should direct their rage at those who are truly at fault, namely their parents, their professors, and the politicians who promised them everything. 

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita

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