Save time, money by building a deck during the off-season


With temperatures cooling and leaves changing from golden yellow to deep auburn, there’s no denying that it’s the season of all things cozy and comfy. And as you begin to hunker down and bundle up indoors, the thought of embarking on a deck building project might not be top of mind.

While home improvement retailers position transitional months as “off-season” for outdoor projects, industry insiders know there are advantages to beginning deck construction once temperate weather days arrive.

From scoring a deal on building materials to booking the most in-demand builder, here are three ways you can build your dream deck under budget and in record time this off-season.

In addition to cost savings, the construction will be less disruptive to your current landscaping as many plants go dormant.

Book building professionals when they’re available

Since spring and summer are the busiest times of year for contractors and building professionals, you’ll have a better chance of booking the most in-demand deck builder in your community during transitional months.

With summer projects wrapped up, workloads are naturally lighter. As a result, deck contractors have more flexibility in their schedules and can see a project through from start to finish much quicker than when they’re juggling multiple builds.

They’ll also have a better chance of securing necessary building permits on a quick turnaround. With fewer permit applications in the queue for local government officials’ review, there should be fewer delays in the permitting process.

Take advantage of seasonal savings to stretch your dollar

Contractors and decking brands alike offer homeowners plenty of incentives to take advantage of during transitional seasons. For example, building professionals may offer reduced rates to fill gaps in their schedules.

Home improvement and decking brands, like most retailers, offer competitively priced products around the holiday season to reduce inventory and make room for new products.

Taking advantage of these savings opportunities can substantially lower upfront costs associated with building a deck. The best part? Now you can splurge on stylish accessories like railing post caps or LED lights … and still stay within budget.

Preserve your beautiful lawn and then spring into projects

Deck construction can take a toll on landscaping, particularly during prime building season. In the spring, lawns tend to hold more moisture as the ground beneath begins to thaw. As a result, the ground can become increasingly soggy and is primed to muddy up shoes and retain unsightly footprints. What’s more, grass and flowers are just beginning to reemerge after winter.

With increased foot traffic from builders coming and going, there’s also the risk of accidentally damaging budding flora.

Rather than disrupt spring and summer’s bloom, schedule deck construction when your yard is already gearing up for its annual hibernation. Since many plants go dormant as the air cools, it’s one of the best times to build a deck without significantly impacting landscaping.

By the time warm weather rolls back around, you’ll be ready to tackle landscaping projects surrounding your beautiful new deck.

To create an outdoor space you can start enjoying now, consider building materials that will help extend your deck’s open-air season. For example, bamboo composite deck boards and light-gauge steel frames are durable and generally low maintenance.

“When composite decking is coupled with steel framing, it forms a durable deck system that’s well-equipped to host year-round and designed to last decades longer than lumber,” said Toby Bostwick, vice president of product and brand, Fortress Building Products.

“Composite deck boards provide benefits like slip- and moisture-resistance to not only keep deck systems looking great year-round, but also make them safer to enjoy during any season.”

If you’re feeling inspired to “deck out” your backyard and savor more days spent outdoors, take note of the time and money-saving ways to tackle deck construction during the off-season. (BPT)

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