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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

l grant you that COVID-19 is a nasty, devastating disease that has crippled our country and continues to do so as I type this letter. But I have several burning questions that need answering: 

Why is this disease continuing to cause havoc? 

From where does it come? I know the origin was from Communist China. Who or what has caused it to increase or new wave of cases? 

Does it come into our country from Communist China via airline passengers? From other people coming into our country from foreign lands? 

Does it come from outside the country? 

Or is it causing more damage based on the morons who refuse to wear masks or wash their hands, and do not practice social distancing? 

There must be a cause, a starting point somewhere. From people traveling from South American countries? 

And is there anyone in the scientific world of infectious diseases who is conducting in-depth investigations of the start and origin of the latest surges that killed over 7,500 people last week? 

Can anyone in the scientific world answer these questions truthfully? If the answer is ugly and scary, then lay it on us because I believe we want to know the truth. No political B.S. or socially acceptable spin on the answer, but the truth? 

Just one person who wants the truth. Yes, I can handle the truth. 

Dick Cesaroni


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