Gregory Peskay | We Need Some Semblance of Grace

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Being a Republican, I’m dismayed at the actions of Jan. 6. Being an American, I’m dismayed at the actions of Jan. 6. I’m weary of the political debacles on both sides of the aisle. The finger pointing, the aggressive stances by multiple parties are mind-numbing to say the least. 

What we need and should desire is something we can’t seem to grasp the concept of: “POLITICAL GRACE!” An eloquent acceptance of a differing point of view, with an understanding there must be give and take for both sides to come to agreements. This grace was last seen between Tip O’Neal and President Ronald Reagan (the book “Tip and the Gipper” should be a requirement for any senator or congress person to read prior to taking their oath of office). These two leaders made major things happen, and both sides were happy. 

The Federalist Papers by Hamilton, Jay and Madison should also be required reading, as they spent 11 years in 85 articles explaining to the people what the Constitution of the United States meant. Most people today, surprisingly enough, don’t know it took 11 years after our Declaration of Independence before the Constitution was ratified and signed! 

In reading this collection, I’ve come to realize I’m a federalist. I embrace the idea of a bill being presented on its own, nothing tied to it like funding for one senator’s pet project, a tax on certain items that help another area, and maybe an “other” category hiding who knows what funding. Don’t believe me? Google what the last stimulus bill funding went to! It will open your eyes to the convoluted spending in every bill these days. 

I propose going back to our beginning as a nation; One bill, one topic, one discussion and a yes or no in a vote. Pretty simple idea? That’s what our founding fathers envisioned! Seems to me they had a better grasp back then of political grace than what our elected officials do now.  

Gregory Peskay


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