Keep the focus on fun during family baking sessions

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Baking is a beloved tradition in many families. Though family baking sessions tend to be especially popular during the holiday season, there’s nothing stopping families from breaking out the flour and having some fun in the kitchen at any time of year.

Fun is the focus when families bake together, and the following are some ways to make such sessions enjoyable for everyone.

Encourage input he designated family baker may have a host of go-to recipes up his or her sleeve, and baking such specialties might be a necessity on birthdays or during the holiday season.

But all baking sessions need not be beholden to family favorites. Encourage all family members to recommend recipes prior to family baking sessions, even allowing a different person to choose the recipe each time.

This can make the whole family enthusiastic about baking together and may even help families discover some new foods.

Remember that patience is a virtue amily baking sessions require patience, especially when young children are involved. Kids’ attention spans may wane or they may grow upset if they spill some ingredients.

Remain patient at such times and let kids know making a mess is part of the fun of baking together.

Simplify sessions as necessary aking with toddlers and school-aged youngsters is going to be different than doing so alongside preteens and adolescents. In addition, consider kids’ maturity levels when planning family baking sessions, as some youngsters might be more than capable of following more challenging recipes.

Making sure kids are given age-appropriate tasks or jobs on par with their maturity levels is a great way to keep sessions fun and prevent frustration.

Share the baking bounty et everyone indulge a little during the baking session. If you plan on making cookies, don’t hesitate to let everyone snack on a few chocolate chips while preparing the cookies. And once the bounty is done baking and it’s ready to eat, share it with family, friends and neighbors. Kids will be proud of their creations and want to share them, and that will ensure they’re excited about the next family baking session.

When baking with the family, keep the focus on fun so everyone has a great time while baking some tasty treats. (MC)

Here are two cookie recipes to start your family baking fun. 

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