Randi Kay | A Wake-Up Call for Democrats

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Our new Rep. Mike Garcia very quietly jumped on the bandwagon to protest the Electoral College votes. Just remember that your representative to Congress is out to protect the interests of Donald Trump and himself, not the interests of his constituents. People who voted for him should make note of that. Just see what he does for you in the next two years. Throughout the next two years Democrats and centrist Republicans will need to closely monitor Garcia’s activities to ensure he is representing us. I would encourage Santa Claritans to call his offices in this valley and in Washington to let them know when we do not support his actions. This is a wake-up call for Democrats in the Santa Clarita Valley to galvanize our efforts to nominate a strong candidate who can beat him in the next election. We need to demand of our politicians what we need from each other: respect, integrity and compassion. Politicians are supposed to represent US. This last four years has been nothing but the Donald Trump Show. Well guess what. That show has been cancelled by the U.S. Voters’ Network. 

Thankfully he will be gone in two weeks. What happened at the Capitol was criminal, seditious behavior and participants and supporters must be held accountable. It is both unbelievable and disappointing that the congressman from Santa Clarita wants to overturn the results of a free and fair election. 

Randi Kay


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