Tom Santos | Jan. 6 Attack Unprecedented

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The next time a liberal leader incites Black Lives Matter protesters — over months and months of dangerous rhetoric — to engage in an insurrection on a branch of the United States government that kills people, it will absolutely be condemned.  

The next time that leader and his generals tell an angry crowd that it is time to “take back your country” through “trial by combat” after lying to them for months about the outcome of an election, right before they are set to angrily march to the Capitol, every American will speak up against it.  

And the next time Black Lives Matter brings gallows, weapons and zip ties to the Capitol and begins to hunt the vice president of the United States and speaker of the House with chants and calls to hang them, I promise you we will all collectively be outraged. 

But until, God forbid, that happens, stop implying that it already has. There is no equivalent in the modern era to the attack on our country on Jan. 6, 2021. 

Tom Santos


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