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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I was irked that distant Republicans had the audacity to criticize California. They have no citizenship here, no stake or interest, except to ruin and disdain. Worse, some local politicians impugn the Golden State and echo the unworthy voices from a distance. That is unpatriotic and divisive to the local community. As a proud local, I feel moved to return the favor.

So, the Republican governor of Texas just kind of “made up” a story about how the renewables in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas’ system were to blame for the massive outage that the isolated network suffered.

Hundreds of thousands of people – constituents – were being lied to while freezing their butts off.

As it turns out, independent analysts in Texas have determined that the network’s dependence upon gas-fired turbines was the root cause. Surprised? Texas was fracking for gas in the Permian and then engineered a network so dependent upon natural gas’ low delivery capacity that the system failed.

Sound familiar? Republicans just fabricating a story that supports the party narrative, even if it’s false?

Texas deserves the politicians it gets. We all do.

To the very distant Ted Cruz and his fans here in the Santa Clarita Valley, what does your precious deregulation lead to? Will you again mock California in the future, or will you gain an ounce of humility?

How many ex-Californians in Texas are viewing the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predictions for California right now?

Christopher Lucero


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