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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I am amused at the letters to the editor in The Signal from leftist Democrats. The indoctrination that you all receive from your cohorts (Main Street media) is working very well. The former president — I won’t mention his name because of insane reaction he gets known as TDS — never got fair press for four years. Everything he did was wrong and of course was harmful to the country.

Blaming the former president for the incursion into the Capitol building was just another press initiative to make his supporters look like terrorists. Yes, it was wrong, but did the press investigate who some of the culprits were? The hundreds of thousands of people there, many praying and engaging in free expression, were 99.9 % peaceful. The frustrating part is the mainstream press is not an investigation unit anymore. Last spring and summer’s destruction of lives and federal property in various cities (majority Democratic-run) was condoned and in some cases considered peaceful and OK. What is OK about any anarchism by anyone?

It’s sad when our country is being propagandized by the media. And dissent on media platforms is being censored or shut down. Sounds like what totalitarian governments have done in the past. This is supposed to be a “free speech” nation. Sadly, it’s not anymore.

People get attacked if they wear hats or clothing that some malcontent disagrees with. I say to my fellow citizens, do not trust the mainstream media. Check out other outlets while they still exist.

Truth is not limited to one media-biased message. We have to have competition and truth seeking, or our republic is in peril.

Michael Molacek


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