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Video job interviews are becoming more of the norm



he adage “there’s a first time for everything” has certainly rang true throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Life as the world knew it changed during the pandemic, and as a result many people found themselves in unfamiliar positions and settings.

One unfamiliar position that job seekers had to grow accustomed to during the pandemic was interviewing via video conferencing apps like Zoom. Interviewing for a new job has long been considered a nerve-wracking experience, even for seasoned professionals.

That anxiety did not necessarily disappear during the pandemic, but it may have taken on a new form as applicants were forced to present the best, albeit virtual, version of themselves when interviewing. 

Video interviews may become integral parts of the interviewing process in the future, as companies recognize how efficient video interviews can be. As a result, it can benefit professionals to polish up on their video interviewing skills.

Dress the part ressing for success still matters. Though in person interviews may not be in job seekers’ immediate futures, appropriate attire still sends the right message. Dress the part from head to toe, even if you expect to only be seen from the waist up. This saves you the embarrassment of being seen in sweat pants or other inappropriate attire should you unexpectedly need to stand up during the interview.

Beware of the background ake sure the background behind you during the interview is clean and appropriate. Zoom offers a curated list of virtual backgrounds that can help job seekers make a strong first impression. If an existing space is fine serving as a background, clean the area prior to the interview. This creates the impression that you are organized and attentive to detail.

Use a laptop or computer martphones have video conferencing capabilities, but it’s best to use a laptop or desktop computer when interviewing via video. Laptops and desktops are heavier and less likely to move during the interview and their screens are larger, giving job seekers a better view of the person they’re speaking with. If you must use a smartphone, keep the phone still throughout the interview.

Sit in a brightly lit, quiet room  dark room may make it hard for interviewers to see applicants, and that can create a bad first impression. Find a well-lit, quiet room, ideally one that is away from the hustle and bustle of the household.

Use the mute button ne of the more common issues to arise from the Zoom boom has been some users’ failure to realize their microphones are not muted. When interviewing for a job via video, remember to mute your microphone when you are not speaking. This ensures that no ambient noise from your home will affect the interview. Such noise could adversely affect an interviewer’s opinion of you.

Interviewing via video conferencing apps is unchartered territory for many professionals. But a few tricks of the trade can help job seekers create strong first impressions.  (MC) 

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