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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

After reading Christopher Lucero’s Feb. 26 letter to the editor (“Texas-Sized Irony”) the irony of his first paragraph made me laugh. Christopher states that those not living in California have no right to criticize our beloved state because they have no citizenship, stake, or interest except to ruin and disdain us. He says this behavior is unpatriotic and divisive. He then states that, as a proud local, he feels moved to return the favor.  

Mr. Lucero just defined himself as divisive and unpatriotic. 

Christopher, you had the opportunity to be the bigger person and follow your own moral judgment. You chose to do the exact same thing you were vilifying in the earlier part of your letter. “Well, he started it” is not a valid excuse to behave the same way. Do you really want to become exactly like those you disagree with? 

Michael Sandeen

Canyon Country

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