Randi Kay | Cruz Illustrates Need for Awareness

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The recent problems with widespread freezing temperatures, power outages, lack of drinking water and damage to homes in Texas are a stark reminder that we cannot rely on government to keep us safe or help in the early stages of local or other disasters. We must be better prepared to take care of ourselves. 

My college professor of political science in graduate school told us the only thing politicians care about is re-election. Ted Cruz is a perfect case in point. His Harvard education kicked into overdrive to figure out he could catch a plane out of Texas and enjoy some time in the sun in Cancun. He deserted his constituents in their time of need. What more will it take to make people understand who these politicians really are? Considering his behavior since the former president lost the election, his most recent actions are no surprise. He was shamed into coming back. 

To me, what is even more appalling is the vision of the sweet face of that little pupper Snowflake at the door of his freezing house, left alone by the Cruz family. If he would give up that dog, I swear I would gladly drive to Texas to pick it up and save it from these people. What on earth is this behavior teaching his children? Has anyone in that household got a conscience? His conduct shows his true character. 

To those who voted for him, I hope you see now that was a mistake. When we cast our vote in a political election we really need to take a better look at who we are voting for. 

Randi Kay


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