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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I saw bits and pieces of President Joe Biden’s first press conference. Some of the moments were funny (and embarrassing) as Biden seemed to have difficulty speaking, or even remembering what he was trying to say. Part of me actually feels sorry for the man, and I think the White House press corps does, too, in view of how they are handling him like a fragile piece of china that might break if they push too hard.

But in watching Biden repeatedly blame former President Donald Trump for his troubles, I was remembering how then-President Barack Obama was blaming President George W. Bush for all of the economic woes he inherited from him in 2008. That sort of blaming will fly for a few months, but then what? How much can you blame anyone for your problems after the first year has gone by, or the second? One way or another the Biden administration is going to have to toss the “Trump” card and start doing things that change things, otherwise Biden and the Democrats will find themselves in the same spot Obama was in at his first mid-terms in 2010 — with a Republican-controlled Congress.

Will that mean anything? Probably not. Both sides have a way of squandering their victories and opportunities they have when in total control. My solution is to get rid of both parties and become a truly “independent” nation. Until that happens we will have this. 

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita

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