Dick Cesaroni | Who Is Running the Zoo?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The commissioner of baseball moved the All-Star game out of Georgia. Bed, Bath & Beyond banned My Pillow products because they saw that Mike Lindell (the owner of My Pillow) supported Donald Trump in Trump’s election. 

When did the crazies start running the nation? Are the foxes in the hen house or the animals running the zoo? 

What ever happened to the right to pursue freedom and happiness and run your own business in this country without political interference? Or corporate bullying? 

I recall several years ago Coca-Cola tried to tell the gents who ran the Masters in Georgia what they (Coca-Cola) wanted them to do and how to run the golf tournament. I can’t remember the Southern gentleman’s name who was in charge of the Masters at the time but he told the press that the Masters had more money than Coca-Cola and he would not put up with them telling them how to run the tournament. He ran them out of the Masters and the tournament has run smoothly ever since. They had true grit. 

The commissioner of baseball buckled under to threats from corporate America instead of growing a pair and telling the corporate slugs to take a hike. To hell with the fans in Georgia. 

Same thing for the corporate slugs who run Bed, Bath & Beyond. They folded and banned My Pillow from their stores. Reason? Lindell supported Trump in 2016. How trivial. How childish. How immature. I can’t believe these spineless slugs that start thinking that they can control the other businesses in America. Customers be damned! 

These tactics remind me of the tactics of the Mafia, organized crime. Threatening them or there would be consequences. What has the U.S. come to? I wish the commissioners of all sports would stand up to these hoodlums and tell them to take a hike. Let American sports fans enjoy the sports the way they are supposed to. FANS FIRST! Not politics. The commissioners certainly do not earn or deserve the money paid to them by the teams. 

Roger Goodell is another example of a spineless commissioner. It’s the reason I have not watched ANY games of any sport for the past two years.  Socialism at work. Believe it folks. College sports only for me. At least until corporate America starts to intimidate them. 

One taxpayers’ opinion.

Dick Cesaroni

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